Gearhead Automotive Services Ltd was founded in the summer of 2005. Using my grandparent's house as collateral, a business plan, and a bank that finally said yes, the dream of owning my own shop would be realized. All we needed was a location. I found an empty undeveloped bay in a newly constructed building in North Red Deer. At the time there were not many choices for bays to rent, unlike today!! The original 3300 sq foot shop was in Bay 3 7597 Edgar Industrial Drive. With the help of family and friends, the office and shop were built. There were 2 of us then, with 2 hoists, some equipment, and a goal to build trust and loyalty through excellent customer service and provide exceptional value. I wanted to do it better than anyone I worked for and be one of the best shops in Red Deer. The hard work paid off, and with the help our awesome clientele and staff we had the opportunity to expand.

In 2011 we expanded to 6270 sq ft in the same building. Again, with the help of staff, family, and friends we renovated the office and shop. We have 8 bays and can comfortably fit up to 12 vehicles at a time. We have invested heavily in training, diagnostic information and equipment to provide our clients with dealership level capabilities while providing that small town shop feel for clients. Great service, Great people, Great value.

In the constant pursuit to provide clients with great value, we joined the Napa Autopro network in July 2019. We are still the independent shop you know and love, except now with an added bonus. We offer a 2-year, 40,000 km parts and labour warranty that is backed by a network of over 600 Canadian Autopros and over 11,000 Napa Autocares in the USA. No matter where you are in North America, we got you covered.

We are always looking for great new clients. If you hear anyone having problems with their vehicle, or feel they need a second opinion we are here to help. Is there an owner or fleet manager you know looking for a dealership alternative? Is there a friend or relative looking for a shop that can do it all? Light on in the dash? Weird noises, or smells? Tough problems that have been to other shops? Send them to us, we are happy to help.




Rob.jpgRobert Brockhoff is the owner and Licenced Red Seal Journeyman Automotive Service Technician at Gearhead Automotive Services.

I was born in Stettler, Alberta and spent my early life on a farm outside Botha. We moved to Blackfalds in 1980 where I attended elementary school. I attended high school in Lacombe and did some work experience at the local parts store. It was there I met a local shop owner who needed help. I started to work evenings and weekends at his shop. There was just something about fixing vehicles that appealed to me. A stressed-out customer brings you a vehicle that is running rough, leaking something, or making strange noises and you get to take that stress away. You put in the work, test components, make that adjustment, replace that defective part and you are instantly rewarded. The vehicle runs great, the customer is happy, and their stress is gone. What a feeling! I was hooked.

I started my apprenticeship in 1993 in Red Deer, Alberta and became a Red Seal Journeyman in April 2001. I was always drawn to the smaller independent shops where customers are people, not numbers. These independent shops allowed me to work on a variety of vehicles, in all shapes and sizes, while providing customers with personalized service.  Everything from restorations, performance upgrades, custom builds, crazy complex electrical diagnostics on new vehicles, to cab off diesel repairs. All have had their challenges and rewards. In 2005 Gearhead Automotive Services Ltd was born. 

I am married to my beautiful wife Amanda and have 3 great kids. Ronin, Cole and Bree. I enjoy the art of low and slow BBQ. I am always looking to cook the perfect brisket, pork shoulder, and ribs. We are a hockey family and spend most of the winter and spring at the rink. Then we love to camp out west and do some quadding. 

Jolyn.jpgJolyn is a Service Advisor at Gearhead Automotive. She has been a service advisor with Gearhead for 4 years. She was born in Red Deer, grew up in Blackfalds and Penhold. "I've been going to car shows and related since I was about 10 and love them, which is why I love the industry. I love the colour green and any combination of different shades of green, haha." Some of her hobbies are: "Contract rummy, speed and cards against humanity are my favourite card games. Word and brain games are fantastic. Mountain/trail biking, snowboarding, basketball, golf, crocheting (which I know doesn't really go with the theme of this list but it's relaxing as hell)."

ed.jpgEd is a licenced Red Seal Journeyman Automotive Service Technician at Gearhead Automotive. He was born in Kazakhstan. He is a Middle child having an older sister and younger sister. His family moved to Germany when he was 16. He started working as a Technician after high school, then immigrated to Canada in 2008 (Manitoba) and arrived in the Red Deer area in 2009. He has his Red Seal Journeyman Automotive Technician in Germany and Canada with 24 years experience. He has 2 kids and enjoys the outdoors, camping, quadding and fishing.

corey.jpgCorey is a licenced Red Seal Journeyman Automotive Service Technician  He was Born in Moncton, New Brunswick. He is the oldest of 2, having a younger sister. He moved to Red Deer, Alberta in 2006. He is a Licensed Journeyman Technician with 15 years of automotive experience. He started in Moncton at a GM dealership, then moved to Red Deer and worked at a local tire shop. He then ran the service truck and moved into the repair shop side of the tire shop. Later he worked at a truck accessory shop and is now at Gearhead Automotive. He lives with his longtime girlfriend and has a Lab, Rocko. He enjoys driving autocross, RC cars, camping and off-roading and is an avid gamer.

6N5A3632.jpgMeet Boo.

She is a Frenchton pup from Oak Ridge Frenchtons in Saskatchewan. She was born on June 20th, 2020 and came to our family in September, 2020. She has a stubborn French Bulldog side and a goofy Boston Terrier side. She can be shy with new people, but LOVES her family. She will follow Rob almost everywhere and looks for him when she can't find him. She loves playing hockey with kids, but chases the sticks and tries to bite them instead of chasing the ball/puck.