Have you ever drove around Red Deer in your Cadillac and wondered where to bring your car for maintenance and repair? Look no further; Gearhead Automotive Services is ready to give your Cadillac its well-deserved attention.

Our well-trained mechanics are proficient with all Cadillac models regardless of year and model. Rest assured, you'll be driving out of our shop satisfied and riding home safely. With our modern state of the art inspection process, trust us to get to the bottom of the problem while checking for any irregularities that might be a future issue. Equipped with tablets, our inspectors look into every nook and cranny while documenting the entire procedure to make sure nothing gets overlooked. We email a copy of the results back to you so you'll have a better understanding of your car's condition.

We have Service Advisors ready to help you with planning for repairs and maintenance based on our findings. We list down parts and services needing immediate attention, giving you the luxury to plan your budget ahead of time while prioritizing what needs fixing immediately. Your assigned Service Advisor will be ready to answer any question you may have and explain to you in detail whatever it is you need to know about the findings.

With our top-notch service, amazing people and great value, Gearhead Automotive Service is your one-stop shop for everything you and your Cadillac needs. Whether you own the newest Escalade or STX or a classic car guy who drives around the city in a Coupe DeVille, trust us to make your every drive safe and worry-free; that is the Gearhead Auto promise. Cadillacs are built to run for decades, and we are here to make sure that it runs for the rest of your life. We are your best dealership alternative.

Join the dozens of satisfied Cadillac owners who have trusted us with everything their cars need. The best time to book an appointment is now. Contact us right now, and we'll be happy to give your car a day at the spa—great service, great people, great value that is the Gearhead Automotive Services trademark.