Chevrolet has been in business for over a hundred years. Chevy is the car choice for most Canadian car enthusiasts, thanks to the brand's heritage and continuous innovation on safety and quality. That is why it is no surprise that the brand is on the top 3 choices of Canadians scouting for a new ride.

With hundreds of Chevy owners in Red Deer, maintenance and repairs for your car can take a while if you have it serviced in the dealership. Likewise, finding a mechanic you can trust with your beloved Chevy outside of the dealership can be quite a challenge. But look no further.

Gearhead Automotive Services is all about trust. We give you great service by great people for a great value. We are the top dealership alternative for hundreds of Chevrolet owners in and around the city. But don't let our words speak for us. Instead, visit our shop and see why we should be your choice for everything your Chevy needs.

Our well-trained team of professional mechanics will treat your car like it's their own; get the service you've always wanted and the service your Chevy deserves. Bring your vehicle to us for a complimentary inspection to make sure you'll be leaving our shop riding safely in your Chevrolet.

Gearhead Auto is also equipped with a top-notch diagnostic system to give you an accurate assessment of any issue your car might be experiencing. Trust our well-trained team to find the best solution for any problem that we see. Aside from that, we check your vehicle and identify any potential issues that may arise in the future. We do this by equipping each of our technicians with a tablet to take pictures throughout the diagnostic process. This ensures that you get the correct diagnosis each and every time.

We also offer preventive maintenance for your Chevy pickups. So whether you own a Duramax or any of the Silverado variants like the LS, RST, Trail Boost, LTZ, or the posh High Country, we'll make sure that your truck is ready for the demanding work you require. Chevy Tahoe owners, on the other hand, demands reliability in their SUVs. This is why we make sure that your vehicle stays in tip-top shape with our maintenance service. All Chevrolet owners are welcome! Book now for an appointment, and let Gearhead Automotive Services take care of you and your car.