We can all agree American muscle cars are a thing of beauty. The aesthetically appealing body paired with the rumbling sound of the engine heard from a block away makes it attractive even to non-car enthusiasts. And that's not even mentioning that these cars run fast. No better car embodies the appeal of a true American muscle than a Dodge Charger. The Charger's big block engine makes for extreme power, making it go from 0 to 60 in just a little over 5 seconds.

Owning an American Muscle can be pretty expensive. Dodge Charger, in particular, is a classic since the 1960s. So if you own one of the earlier models, you must know by now that having a trusted mechanic taking care of your classic ride is essential in keeping your car in top form.

Servicing Classic Muscle Cars since 2005, Gearhead Automotive Services is the best mechanic in Red Deer for all of your Charger's needs. Our Preventive Maintenance service goes beyond the regular service other shops offer. We make sure to check every moving part of your vehicle, inspecting for any potential issues that may arise. To add to this, we make sure you know when to revisit us; we turn reactive car owners into proactive ones, which overall benefits their cars.

Our specialized service is not open only for Charger owners. Any car from the Dodge family is welcome to experience the one-of-a-kind service Gearhead Auto is known for; if you own a Dodge SUV like the Caravan, Durango and Journey, our shop is open for you. You will get the same exceptional treatment each and every client that steps into our shop experience. We take pride in customer satisfaction, and this is why dozens of Dodge owners trust us as their dealership alternative in Red Deer.

If you live in and around the city, you should head on to Gearhead Automotive Services. We are the mechanic shop you can trust for great service, great people and great value. Join the hundreds of clients who trust our shop, book now for an appointment, and we'll throw in a complimentary visual inspection for any service you take for your Dodge vehicle.