Gearhead Automotive Services is Red Deer's top mechanic of choice for Jeep owners in and around the city. The Jeep brand is synonymous with the iconic 4x4 Wrangler model, known for its one-of-a-kind rugged looks. It is the choice for most adventure-seeking individuals who love to explore the hills of the city and its rough terrain.

Jeep owners submit their vehicles to rugged drives and heavy work. With the capability of Jeeps to run on rough terrain, taking care of your Jeep is essential to keep your cars running for a long time. At Gearhead Auto, we make sure that your vehicles stay in tip-top shape, just like when you fetched them from the dealership. Dozens of Jeep owners can attest to our shop's fine work with their 4x4's. We pride ourselves on giving the best service to car owners and not just their vehicles.

We do preventive maintenance for your Jeeps. Outside the essential motor oil change, we check for parts, and components your vehicle's manual requires you to change periodically to keep your warranty valid. Many car owners overlook this critical detail; we will make sure you never miss something.

Jeep owners can avail a variety of inspection packages in Gearhead Auto. So whether you're planning to purchase a pre-loved vehicle, renewing insurance, or want to know what that clacking sound your Jeep makes under the hood, drive on up to the shop, and we'll inspect your vehicle according to your needs.

Part of our service is a consultation with our in-house service advisor. What our advisor does is keep you up to speed with the results of our inspection, giving you a detailed explanation of what needs immediate attention. Our advisor can also make a repair plan for you to set a budget for the repairs.

Our shop's well-trained mechanics specialize in general repairs. So whether you have been experiencing trouble with your Jeep or found out an issue during one of our inspections, we have the right people to fix the problem. Whatever engine your Jepp packs, our highly skilled mechanics work with diesel and gasoline engines; rest assured your vehicles are in good hands.

Head on over to our Red Deer auto shop, and experience the Gearhead Auto difference. We are the best dealership alternative in Red Deer. Schedule an appointment with us today.