Your vehicle's tires could arguably be one of the most important safety items of a vehicle. They are the only thing connecting your vehicle to the road, yet they are often overlooked until there is a problem. Tires are designed to support the weight of the vehicle, absorb road shocks, transmit traction, torque and braking forces to the road surface and maintain and change the direction of travel.

Gearhead Automotive Services can provide expert advice on new tire sales and service. Proper maintenance, including proper inflation, tire rotations, balancing, and wheel alignment is critical to safety and help prolong your tire life. Whether you’re looking for upgrades to tackle the elements off-road, performance tires to handle the track or just want a safe and reliable vehicle for your daily drive we got you covered.

We handle all the major brands like BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Michelin, Firestone, Continental, Toyo, Nitto, Falken, Hankook, Mickey Thompson and many more. Almost any brand, installed by the licensed technicians you trust.

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Looking to customize your ride or maybe just some winter steel wheels? Gearhead can get you all the latest brands of aftermarket wheels. We are a Rocket Racing Wheels Dealer, MHT Alloys dealer (Fuel Niche, Dub, US Mags, Foose wheels) and many more. If you want them, we can get them. Plus, you get expert installation and balancing by the technicians you trust. Give us a call with what you are looking for or browse these online catalogues and look for options.

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