Vehicle Inspection Red Deer

Inspections prevent costly breakdowns and play an important role in proper vehicle maintenance. They let you know what’s wrong today and what may go wrong down the road.  All of our inspections are done digitally. Every technician is equipped with a tablet that is used to document the entire inspection process. This gives the ability to take pictures, write notes and even take videos of any concerns. A digital report is then prepared and sent to you via text or email.  The service advisor will review the technician’s findings, and any of the manufacturers recommended mileage-based services. Everything is prioritized based on severity and safety to allow you to budget for repairs. Your Service Advisor will explain everything, so you understand and then make a plan.


Here are just a few of the inspections we provide:


  • Complimentary Visual Inspection
    Done on every vehicle that is not getting a maintenance service. It protects us and you from any safety concerns and can catch issues before they become a problem. Like the name says there is no charge to you. 
  • Maintenance inspection
    This is a digital multipoint inspection that is included with every oil change. This is a digital multipoint inspection, and it includes a test drive and complimentary washer fluid top up. Your vehicle is also checked for any manufacturer’s safety recalls. Lights, fluids, and many other components are inspected.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
    Let us inspect the vehicle before you buy it. This can save you a lot of time, stress and money. You can use this digital inspection to make an informed choice, whether to buy or run away. You can also use the results to try and negotiate a better deal.
  • Alberta Insurance Inspection
    Depending on your insurance provider and the age of the vehicle, they may require you to have this inspection performed. We provide all paperwork required.
  • 360 Inspection
    This is a comprehensive vehicle inspection. This will give you a good idea of your vehicle's overall condition. 

Gearhead Automotive Services is also a Licenced Government of Alberta Inspection Facility.

We can provide the following inspections on cars, light trucks, light motorhomes and trailers.

Out of Province Inspection 

A motor vehicle from outside of Alberta must pass an Alberta Out of Province Vehicle Inspection before licence plates can be issued. We can perform out of province inspections on cars, light trucks, light motorhomes and trailers. Remember you need to provide us with a request for inspection form provided by your registry office. 

Out of Province Inspections

Commercial Vehicle Inspection

Commercial carriers are inspected and monitored for safety compliance and for the protection of our highway infrastructure. We can perform commercial vehicle inspections on light trucks and trailers.

Vehicle Inspection Program